Wigs For Cancer Patients

Wigs For Cancer PatientsWelcome to Wigs for Cancer Patients. Our mission is to provide you with helpful information and excellent solutions for quality wigs that are needed for hair loss while having chemotherapy, radiation or other medical treatments.

You will find helpful information regarding Synthetic wigs and the different types of Human Hair Wigs. The wigs provided by Confident Reflections offer a variety of solutions with unique cap constructions. The inside of the caps are made with comfortable soft materials for sensitive scalps. Special non-slip materials are in sections of the caps to prevent the wig from shifting and sliding on the head.

All of the hair prostheses and wigs have been selected for their innovative design and special features. Careful attention is paid to the needs of the medical hair loss patient who are wearing a wig for the first time. You will find some special features in each of each of the hand made caps. You will find a quick guide for theEasy Care & Comfortwigs and hair prostheses for women who would like to spend little time with styling and care.

Sensitivity of the scalp can occur during the falling or shedding phase of the hair. The inside of the caps in the Confident Reflections series are made with extremely soft and light weight materials for comfort. Additionally, the use of soft cotton liners during the hair loss shedding phase will prevent the lost hair from sticking to the inside of the wig cap.

There are additional solutions for covering the head during the day or while sleeping.  Sleep Wigs are an option if you prefer to sleep in the hair prosthesis.  Instructions for making simple comfortable cotton liners that can be worn under the sleep wigs are available along with helpful tips.  There are also several other alternative for covering the head such as cotton caps with bandanas attached and turbans that are solutions for head wear in the evening.

Helpful information is available for coping with the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. In some cases this may occur depending on the type of chemotherapy treatments that are being used. Simple suggestions and techniques for applying make-up to replace the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows are available along with helpful tips.

General information regarding Insurance coverage and reimbursement for a cranial hair prosthesis is available along with frequently asked questions regarding insurance reimbursement.

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