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Additional Solutions For Covering The Head

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At certain times of the day you may prefer to have additional products that are alternatives to wearing a wig.  There are many solutions that will provide coverage for lost hair.  Silk scarves, cotton scarves, turbans and hats are available in many styles and colors that you can coordinate with your wardrobe.

Silk and cotton scarves can be selected to compliment your complexion and wardrobe.  In some cases a simple soft cotton cap for additional coverage and comfort can be worn underneath a silk or cotton scarf as a hair alternative solution.  This will give more of the effect of having hair underneath the scarf and give a more substantial feeling on your head for warmth, comfort and appearance.

Partial hair additions are available from some companies that can be attached to the inside of hats and turbans.  Cotton liner caps can be worn underneath the hats as well for comfort and to achieve a more stable fit.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions 1-800-864-9122.

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