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Human Hair Wigs in the Confident Reflections series offer a selection of hand made caps with Remy human hair, textured relaxed Remy hair or European human hair. The special features of the caps include non slip areas inside to adhere to the scalp, soft base materials for comfort, French lace fronts for a natural hairline appearance and adjustable caps for fit. The human hair has been specially treated to prevent tangling for ease of care.

Sophie and Macie are the shortest of the Remy human hair wigs.  The inside of the cap has a combination of mesh, non-slip materials and stretch mesh area behind the ears for comfort and fit. They are “Easy Care & Comfortstyles. Isabella is designed with a special non slip material along with a combination of mesh materials for comfort.  It is made with European Human Hair which is one of the thinnest and finest textures of hair. It is available in a 9 inch or 14 inch length of hair.

Lauren is made with Remy Human Hair with a skin like material in the top of the cap along with mesh material and a hook adjustment at the nape of the neck for fit.  Madison and Natalie have a non slip material around the entire perimeter of the cap along with a breathable mesh in other areas of the cap. Samantha and Serena have an overall mesh cap with a tap attachment area at the front and nape area along with a hook adjustment for fit.

Ashley and Alisha are cap solutions for total hair loss.  The cap consists of a thin skin like material combined with a mesh material which allows the scalp to breathe. Ashley is available in the Remy Human Hair. Ashley is also available in a petite cap size for smaller heads.

Alisha is available in the textured relaxed hair or the Remy Human Hair. A choice of Textured Relaxed hair or Remy hair is available for African American Women in two of the styles Alisha and Serena.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions 1-800-864-9122.

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