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Instructions For Making A Soft Cotton Liner

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Here are some simple instructions for making some soft cotton liners that can be used underneath the wigs for very sensitive scalps.

  • Purchase some XL men’s cotton t-shirts or yardage of a soft 100% fine cotton fabric.  Be sure that it is a thin breathable cotton.  If choosing to use the XL men’s t-shirts, choose the ones that are very thin and 100% cotton.
  • Wash the t-shirts or fabric in the washing machine and then dry in the dryer completely.
  • Cut out several different oval shapes and try underneath the cap of the wig. It is not necessary to completely cover the entire head with the liner underneath the cap.  Generally the most sensitive area can be the top crown area. You can make several different sizes to use at times when you have sensitivity.
  • When you find the right size, you can cut out as many as possible so that you will have clean ones available to wear each day or when your scalp is sensitive.
  • It is a good idea to use a clean liner each day that your head is sensitive to prevent the build up of oils on the inside of the cap of the wig.

Re-growth of hair

Once you have completed your treatments, your hair will begin to grow within a few months when the drugs begin to clear from your system. It is important to keep your scalp and the new growth of hair clean and conditioned.

It is recommended that you do not use any type of chemical treatment on your hair for many months. Chemical treatments or color could produce an unwanted result and damage the fragile hair.

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