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Loss of Eyelashes and Eyebrows

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Sometimes when having chemotherapy treatments, you may experience the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. This will be a temporary challenge and once the treatments are completed, the eyelashes and eyebrows will begin to grow back.  There are several things that you can do to cope with this challenging situation until they begin to grow back following the chemotherapy treatments.

The eyelashes help to protect out eyes from debris and dust that is in the air.  It is helpful to wear glasses and sunglasses at times to prevent irritation to the eyes.  If you do not wear prescription glasses, you may obtain glasses with plain lens from several companies for reasonable prices. If you are in need of glasses, please contact me and I will send some names of companies that offer an assortment of frame options at reasonable prices.

With many of the frames in style now, the sides of the frames may be wider which will help to disguise the loss of the eyelashes and eyebrows. You can find several different frames that will compliment your style with the added benefit of protecting your eyes.

Keeping it simple when applying make up to the eyes is a good choice. Since your eyes may become sensitive, a simple application of eyeliner with a good eye pencil in a soft shade that will be complimentary to your skin tone and the hair color of the hair  prosthesis or wig that you will be wearing.

The use of false eyelashes can be challenging since there are not any eyelashes available for the artificial lash to rest on.  Experimenting with different eye pencils and shadows will help you to determine and achieve the look that you are most comfortable with.

The use of a brow powder in a soft shade that compliments the complexion and shade of the wig can be used to replace lost eyebrows. Try experimenting with the application of several shades to find the most complimentary and natural appearing one.  Remember less is best!  Eyebrows that are too dark or too heavy will appear unnatural in appearance.  A soft and minimal approach will be the most natural. There are excellent brow powders available that will stay on for long periods of time that you can find at the major department stores in the cosmetic departments or one of the cosmetic specialty stores located around the shopping mall areas.

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