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Sleep caps are available in soft cotton materials that will keep your head warm at night.  Since heat is lost from the head, this may be an option that will help to keep you comfortable at night.  You can choose from a variety of colors that will compliment your skin tones.

It might be a good idea to have several cotton sleep caps available so that you can wear a clean one each evening.  Since they are 100% cotton caps, they will wash and dry with the regular laundry.  Sometimes the oils from the scalp can build up on the inside of the caps which may cause some itching of the scalp.  To prevent this from happening, having additional caps that can be washed regularly is a good solution.

Some of the caps are available with scarves or bandanas attached.  These sleep caps can also be washed and dried easily with the laundry. The cotton caps with the bandanas attached come in a special kit that contains 12 different colors and are available in the Confident Reflections Series of products.

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