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If you prefer to wear a wig for sleeping, it may be a good idea to have an additional wig for night time so that you can maintain the quality and condition of the wig that you will be wearing during the daytime.  A comfortable sleep wig made with soft materials will be a good choice for sleeping.

In addition, a soft cotton liner can be worn underneath the wig to provide comfort while sleeping.  You can make these liners very easily yourself by purchasing a package of men’s good quality thin 100% cotton t-shirts in an XL size.  This way you will be able to make numerous liners so that you will always have a clean one available each night.

Begin by washing the t-shirts in a mild detergent and drying. You can cut out some different shapes that will fit well underneath the cap (generally an oval shape will work nicely).  Once you have determined the size that is most comfortable, you can cut out ones from that pattern.  With the XL size of t-shirts, you should be able to make quite a few liners for your sleep wig.  I recommend that you change the liners each day so that there will not be a build up of oils from the scalp on the inside of the wig cap.

It is a good idea to thoroughly brush the hair of the sleep wig each morning before you store it in your closet.  This will help to keep the hair from matting and tangling.  Frequent washing and conditioning (at least once a week) of the wig will help to maintain the condition of the human hair or the synthetic fiber, however it may be necessary to periodically replace sleep wigs due to the friction of the hair against the pillowcase.

The use of a silk or satin finish pillowcase can help to reduce the damage to the hair on your sleep wig.  When choosing a satin finish, it is a good idea to purchase a fabric that is breathable.  Some of the polyester fabrics can be warmer to sleep on.  Many of the high thread count cotton sateen pillowcases may be a good solution.

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