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Wig Comfort Tips For Sensitive Scalps

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Sometimes when hair is being lost as a result of chemotherapy treatments, the scalp can become very sensitive when the hair is in the falling stage.  It is important to keep the scalp clean each day with a mild cleanser.  Be sure to rinse the scalp very well to avoid the build up of cleanser on the scalp.

During the day, if your scalp is bothering you, it may be helpful to periodically remove your wigs and apply some cool water or gently cleanse and rinse the scalp an additional time to refresh the scalp. Be sure that the scalp is dry before placing the wig back on your head.

When wearing the wig during the day time or in the evening, place a clean soft cotton liner underneath the cap of the wig (see instructions for making a soft cotton liner). This will help to reduce sensitivity of the scalp. During the falling and shedding stage of the hair, it will help to use a cotton liner under the wig to prevent the falling hair from clinging to the inside of the wig cap.

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